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Customized Waiting Room Marketing Video for Regenerative Medicine


R3 Stem Cell has partnered with Global Science Productions and is now offering a customized ten minute video for practices to display in their waiting rooms. The video is an excellent compilation of patient testimonials, scientific discussion and doctors relaying their experiences. We can customize the video so that it displays the practice information before, during and after the video ends.

No matter what type of practice you have, this video will help you get patients excited about regenerative medicine! It’s both a conversation starter and a confirmation for those considering the option. It will help tremendously.

The cost for the video is $700 for the video with rights conveying to show to patients in the office and waiting room. You may also show on your website, however, no rights are conveyed to upload to any of the video sharing sites (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

For the video to be branded to the practice, add an additional $200. The order form is below the video!


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